Relationships come in all different sizes and shapes. But one thing that's true of all relationships is that they're hard. Just as much as relationships can bring immense joy, they can also be an incredible source of pain. Common issues that I encounter in couples therapy are:

  • Vicious and repetitive cycles of conflict
  • The use of harmful, accusatory and blaming language
  • Dealing with the aftermath of infidelity
  • Substance abuse issues
  • Sexual frustration and dissatisfaction

I work to help couples understand their underlying negative relational patterns, ask for what they need and learn to connect with each other in meaningful ways. Over time, people learn how to articulate their desires and learn how to get more of what they want in a healthy way. I accomplish this by helping couples:

  • Understand their unique relationship cycle and step outside of it
  • Use non-violent communication to negotiate conflict
  • Identify and express feelings and needs to each other
  • Understand their partner's point of view
  • Create space for mutual appreciation, trust and a renewed sense of play