Individual therapy is a safe, non-judgmental space to discuss your problems, receive emotional support and get a different perspective from a highly trained mental health professional.  Fixed patterns of living become loosened in the context of a therapeutic relationship, which evolves over time on a regular basis. I draw upon extensive psychotherapy training to help people understand and liberate themselves from repetitive life difficulties. My expertise in addictions allows me to be of unique assistance to those with compulsive behaviors and affords me insight into self-defeating patterns in general.

    If you're struggling with addictive behaviors like out-of-control sexual behavior or substance abuse, I often assign homework in the beginning to increase your self-reflective capacity. You’ll then define meaningful goals, identify triggers and learn how to survive urges without acting on them. Over time, we will begin to explore underlying emotional issues that need to be addressed in order for deeper change to occur. 

    Whether you are contending with an addiction or any life difficulty, a basic expectation that I have is that you say whatever comes to mind without censoring it.  While it’s helpful to understand the historical developments that led to your current problems, it’s also important to explore what is happening in the here-and-now of the session itself as a way to deepen the change process.  With growing self-awareness and self-acceptance comes an invitation to pursue your deepest, most important goals and dreams.